Holden Page

Holden Page

I’ve been a professional writer for nearly six years and an editor for Lawyerist for two.* I’ve been pretty damn lucky to work on projects that I genuinely enjoy through my content marketing agency Page Venture.

Aside from writing, I am a casual guitar player and gamer—although I excel at neither. I also frown while reading The Economist. I’m a grump like that. If you want to learn more about me, reach out to me by email or read a couple of my blog posts.

*If you must know, I support the Oxford comma.

For Hire

On small projects WritingEditing
Holden is a great editor to work with. In addition to being very diligent in setting up an editorial calendar, editing and publishing new pieces, he has also been great to work with on brainstorming new content ideas. He makes an OK article a good one and a bad pitch idea into a great one. Andrew Cabasso

Co-Founder, JurisPage

Holden is one of those unique people who you want to get to know now, because you’re pretty sure they will make it big fairly soon and you want to be part of that. Erin Borron

Creative Manager , Dayta Marketing

I have hired Holden for a wide variety of tasks, ranging from research to writing and editing to helping generate ideas. He has always exceeded my expectations. Holden is highly creative, passionate and knowledgeable. Yael Grauer

Journalist, Editor, and Researcher, Yael Writes

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