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Axios’s Newsletter Publishing Schedule

Originally published in Hot Pulp on September 24th, 2018. 

What Axios lacks in character count it makes up for in email sends.

Across 15 newsletters (Axios AM Deep Dive and Axios Trends are not counted due to the lack of a subscribe button), Axios publishes 47 unique emails every week that can be stacked into four publishing schedule groups: weekday (published Monday through Friday), daily (published Monday through Sunday), weekly, and twice a week.

Here is what those 47 emails look like when spread out from Monday through Sunday, stacked by publishing schedule:

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What immediately stands out is Axios’s preference for the weekday publishing schedule. As of today, six newsletters on the daily publishing schedule account for 30 published emails every week. Here’s a bit more context around that number:

  • Six weekday scheduled newsletters account for 63 percent of total weekly emails published.
  • One daily scheduled newsletter accounts for 15 percent of total weekly emails published.
  • Six weekly scheduled newsletters account for 13 percent of total weekly emails published.
  • Two twice-a-week scheduled newsletters account for 9 percent of total weekly emails published.

But knowing this information actually brings up more questions than it answers. Here are just a few that come to the top of my mind:

  • Is Axios’s ability to add more newsletters to a weekday schedule a sign of its ability to attract and convert new large audiences?
  • Can we predict what kind of newsletter Axios is likely to launch next? After all, Wednesday only plays home to newsletters on a weekday publishing schedule.
  • Why doesn’t Axios have newsletters on a three-a-week schedule, such as Monday, Wednesday, Friday?
  • Furthermore, can publishers who are new to managing newsletters use this to inform their own publishing schedules?
  • Can we predict how healthy Axios’s newsletter business is by the publishing schedules it puts new newsletters on?

If you have thoughts on any of the above, please reach out.

Otherwise, without some more context, data, and time to percolate, I can’t answer all those questions immediately; however, I am actively exploring more ways to do so in the future. There is also more data I can gather in Airtable. (If you want to be a contributor, let me know). For instance, Axios does tell potential subscribers whether it will send weekday newsletters in the morning or evening. I have not structured that information yet.

In the meantime, I am excited to have established a base for measuring Axios’s publishing schedule. How much blood I can get out of that stone is hopefully enough for a few more emails down the road.