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Notes: Virtual Reality, Kindle Highlights, Wireless Chargers

If you always want the best seat in the house, get a virtual headset. The struggle to strap in is worth it.

That’s my takeaway from a recent visit to a virtual reality bar sporting HTC Vives. Yes, a virtual reality environment was awkward to setup; I almost tripped over my cord; the software has bugs; and I honestly felt like I needed to pay another human to help keep me oriented.

Despite all that, I felt like I owned a home in the mountains. It was satisfying to look over the edge and view Crater Lake—without tourists. I was tickled when I could go to Mar’s, even if exploring it was in fits and starts. I forgot I was in a rather drab room with my wife and a good friend. That last part is concerning, but I am going to let those thoughts slide for now.

Virtual reality is finally finding its foundation.  It’s too good to be ignored, and too expensive for everyone to know it.

Kindle Highlights

I am sold on the Kindle because I love having the ability to highlight passages and add notes to them. It’s a really underrated feature, and it allows me to ignore a lot of the things that bug me about the Kindle (an evenly lit display that doesn’t get dog hair stuck in it would be nice).

I use Clippings to export, format, and manage my highlights. It’s neat, and I want to give them some link love.

Wireless Chargers

They may look like coasters, but they’re far more useful. I haven’t plugged in a cord for at least a week, and my iPhone always has a spot in the house. I didn’t know how irritating it was to dig up a cord until I didn’t have to anymore. Charging ports will one day go the way of headphone jacks.