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Bullet Points On This Year And The Next

Here is an overview of the good stuff that happened in 2018.

  • Holy shit Crunchbase News is sort of a thing now, and I’ve helped build that. That’s fucking cool.
  • I learned a lot about Excel. Still mostly suck, but I don’t suck as much as I did before.
  • I took care of my mental health, and largely avoided any significant breakdowns. Regular therapy appointments for the win.
  • I’ve went to SF eight or so times this year, and despite all its faults, I’m thankful I get to go. It really is the center of tech, and I am a nerd.
  • Mountain biking! So happy that my friends at Crossfit introduced me to it, and Oregon is such a perfect place for it. I am not sure it’s something I will do for life, but I’m a better person for the experience.
  • Speaking of Oregon, I’ve traveled around it a ton. Nearly every weekend this year I have went to see a waterfall, cave, national or state park, or gone to the coast. My dog and I took a random trip to Sisters, OR, just to play fetch at a lake. He is a very good swimmer.
  • I read fourteen books this year! This is the most number of books I’ve read probably since high school. Four of those were focused on China’s ancient history and politics, which were pretty gnarly.
  • Incredibly proud of myself for maintaining some really healthy relationships, and also letting go of relationships that didn’t add positivity to my life.
  • Watched a ton of great shows. Patriot on Amazon Prime was a standout hit. Norsemen on Netflix was fantastic and is completely underappreciated. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat was so damn peaceful; Samin Norsat is a treasure. The documentaries by CNN that go over each decade were also great, and it is a good reminder that America has been through the same as Trump and worse.
  • Successfully married for one year. Keeri still likes me, and I still like her!

But not all was perfect. There were some real hurdles this year. Some of them won’t make it on this post, but here’s what I am down to share.

  • Working out took less of a priority. This was mostly due to some ramp up at work, and my inability to manage my personal time to the workload.
  • I let impatience get the best of me a few times. I improve every year, but there’s still a long way to go.
  • Saved some money, paid some debt, and added some debt. 2018 was just weird when it came to money.
  • Kind of sucked at keeping up with family.
  • Depression left some distinct burn marks on a year that was honestly quite excellent. But… it wasn’t my worse year, so that’s good.

Thankfully, that was a pretty shortlist. To looking forward!

2019 Aspirations

The order of this doesn’t imply priority, and some of this is just not going to happen. Or maybe all of it will happen in the first six months of the New Year. I have no idea. Regardless, here’s what I am going to shoot for.


  • Get TSA precheck.
  • Finally get a damn passport.
  • Buy a trip to somewhere in the world that’s not the United States by end of March 2019. Go for at least a week. Don’t overthink where I am going or what I am going to do when I get there.
  • Prep and organize flight bag to the point I can get up and go within 24 hrs.
  • Finagle my way into a lounge through some credit card magic.
  • Take Keeri to New York City because it’s New York City!
  • Visit a friend in their home state.


  • Get back in the gym three days a week, though probably not Crossfit because that’s a lot.
  • Quit the soda (again, damn it).
  • Take my ADHD med every day.
  • Eat three meals a day—no more McDonald’s you freak.
  • Keep a critical eye on drinking. (Note: I am confident my 2018 use of alcoholic beverages was just fine; however, it’s best to stay aware, and I have noticed work stress correlated well with my more boozier nights.)


  • Continue to work on my not-so-wonderful ability to lecture.
  • Keep patience at top of mind.
  • Lean on Occam’s razor more often than not.
  • Talk-to-listen ratio should be more like 50/50 vs. 70/30.


  • Don’t freak out; even my biggest mistake won’t kill anyone.
  • Be humble; there’s a fuck ton I don’t know.
  • Stay kind; this whole building a publication at a startup thing is kind of nuts, and it’s easy to let frustration turn into pessimism.
  • In the first half of 2019, take an advanced course in writing or editing.
  • In the second half of 2019, take an intro course to data analysis (think python).
  • When the fails do happen, live by this: “You can’t regret it if you were trying.”


  • Pay off 60% of my debt, inclusive of student loans.
  • Rent an apartment that is within walking distance of public transit and a good coffee shop (Starbucks included).
  • Donate to a local political campaign, and find an organization I would like to donate my hours to.
  • For the sake of reading more books, don’t overthink how much they cost.